cost accounting

Cost Accounting: Principles and Applications

Horace Brock, Linda Herrington and La Vonda Ramey



1  Monitoring Costs

Product and Period Costs
Cost Behavior:  Fixed and Variable, Mixed

2  Purchasing Materials

Job Order Costing

3  Storing and Issuing Materials

Job Order Costing

4  Controlling and Valuing Inventory

Job Order Costing

5  Timekeeping and Payroll

Job Order Costing

6  Charging Labor Costs into Production

Job Order Costing

7  Departmentalizing Overhead Costs

Activity Based Accounting
Job Order Costing

8  Setting Overhead Rates

Job Order Costing

9  Applying Manufacturing Overhead

Job Order Costing

10  Completing the Cost Cycle and Accounting for Lost Materials

11  Process Cost System – Production Data and Cost Flow

Process Costing
Process Costing – Spoilage

12  Average Costing of Work in Process

Process Costing

13  Units Lost or Increased in Production

Process Costing – Spoilage


14  First In, First Out (FIFO) Costing of Work in Process

15  Accounting for By-Products and Joint Products

Joint Products – By Products

16  The Analysis of Cost Behavior

Cost Behavior – Fixed, Variable and Mixed

17  Budgeting

Comprehensive Master Budget

18  Standard Costs: Materials and Labor

Variable Cost Variance Analysis

19  Manufacturing Overhead Standard Costs: Completing the Accounting Cycle for Std. Costs

Fixed O/H Variance Analysis

20  Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

Cost Volume Profit Analysis

21  Analysis of Manufacturing Costs for Decision Making

Short Term Decision Making

22  Cost Accounting for Distribution Activities and Service Businesses

Allocating Costs – Responsibility Accounting




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